Tuesday, January 14, 2014

To Go Dancing in the Void

The magical year of 2014 has arrive and I have been fortunate enough to gain employment at a small little games company in Melbourne! It is currently a part time position but it allow me to continue to work on my own projects. This is a fact that I am very excited about.

One such project is Dance in the Void, a Unity3D game which exists in some screenshots here and on Screenshot Saturday (through my twitter account @verbvirus). Well...I am happy to announce that after some months of work and feedback from play testers Dance in the Void is ready to be played!

I look forward, in the next few days, to uploading and sharing it with as many people as possible (who I hope will do likewise). The only thing that might stop this from happening will be if I do not melt first.

Thanks all, Dance in the Void will be with you soon!

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